People are often shocked to learn of just how meaningful the name Katch really is. I set up this communications company in honour of my late sister – Catch. Catherine was her actual name. In our family, she was always known as Catch, a fearless risktaker and the life and soul of every party. More importantly, she was my dear sister and Katch International is my tribute to her.

To truly grasp the story of Katch,

it’s important to understand our roots. Before she passed away, Catch, with the help of my father, set up a charity to help people in situations similar to her own. She attempted to effectively communicate a positive message to the public by hiring a communications agency. Unfortunately, the agency severely lacked a personal touch. Its team didn’t care about my sister’s tireless efforts to make a worthwhile impact. Instead, we were just another client – another pay cheque.

Witnessing such a complete lack of empathy planted the creative seeds in my head to one day set up a communications company that would care about each and every client, with a team determined to make an impact; and so, Katch International was born. Catch has always been our inspiration, and her memory endures in every positive thing we do.

The pink and black logo stands as a reminder of Catch’s favourite colours. She even asked us to wear those colours at her memorial. An event which she made sure was a celebration of her life. One full of pink and black balloons, and people grateful to have known such a caring, wonderful person. In the same way, she cared for others, we want to help everyone that comes through our door, in work and in life.

Eight years on, and the Katch team has become part of my family. We have been through thick and thin together, through challenges and triumphs, and through it all we have grown even closer. Like me, they believe in honouring my sister’s courageous attitude and benevolent spirit. Essentially, they care about making our communications brand work because they know it’s more than just a name – it’s a legacy.