In today’s ever-changing business environment, if your company is not evolving digitally, it runs the risk of being left behind. Digital marketing is a powerful tool that is both cost-efficient and massively beneficial when it comes to growing your business. From start-ups and SMEs to regional powerhouses and MNCs – companies who embrace digitisation and implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tend to stand out from the competition. The Katch digital marketing team, better known as Katch Disruption, will ensure your digital reach is optimised to its full potential, so that your business reaches its target audience, gains quality engagement, and, ultimately, achieves outstanding online results. 

Every company, no matter how big or small it may be, requires a smooth, cost-effective digital marketing strategy. At Katch, we not only look after your digital marketing needs, but also empower your business moving forward by integrating digital innovation into your overall strategy. Essentially, our team can help you to recognise and realise your brand’s full digital capabilities by creating and implementing a result-oriented strategy that fits perfectly with your business goals. 

We will analyse all key elements of your digital platforms and evaluate where your company is on its digital journey, before establishing a custom strategy and clear course of action to set you up for future success. By carefully assessing your website, our team can gain a comprehensive understanding of your business’ current digital state in order to proceed with said strategy. This digital audit will enable you to get a proper appreciation for the overall online user experience that your brand’s website offers. Once all bases are covered, we can focus on rolling out a bespoke digital marketing plan for your business, which will identify short-term opportunities, while also aiming for long-term growth.  

A clear digital marketing plan will give your business a real digital purpose and set of goals, which will ultimately lead to real success. This strategic plan can cover a range of important factors, from improving your customers’ online experience to Search Engine Optimisation and paid search results, depending on what best suits your digital needs. 

Whether your goal is to spread the word about your brand, develop your online presence, or generate targeted leads for your business, Katch Disruption is capable of providing the services you need to reach that goal. Using leading digital tools, and with the help of our partnership with Google Advertising and Facebook Advertising, we have what it takes to run massive regional awareness campaigns, as well as localised target campaigns in line with your business goals. We will direct you through each step of the process, aid in policy creation, from coding to promotion to take-off. Our team of experts is fully equipped to adjust to any goal and every requirement.



  • Search Engine Optimizaation
  • Search Engine Marketing/Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Social Listening
  • Programmatic Display Advertising
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • App Development
  • Custom Programming
  • Website Speed Optimization
  • Website Hosting and Maintenance
  • Website UI/UX optimization
  • Analytics and Data Science


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