Team Katch is beyond excited to be supporting Cookalong TV with our game-changing brand of PR and communications , as it gets set to partner with Vodafone and its VeryMe Rewards customer loyalty programme, to provide exclusive Cookalongs for Vodafone customers.

The brainchild of tech entrepreneur Christopher Mair and creative marketing, advertising and recruitment expert Rick Kumar – Cookalong TV was conceived during the 2020 lockdown. After circulating the idea among their network of friends and receiving an incredibly positive response, the group of entrepreneurs came together online to support the various charitable causes desperately in need of cash. 

Cookalong TV was launched in June 2020. A simple and fun way to raise money for charities in need, Cookalong TV enables people to make as many £1 donations as they want in aid of good causes and enter a raffle to join their favourite celebrities via video chat for intimate and immersive Cookalongs. 

Collaborative Spirit: Vodafone VeryMe Rewards

Cooking while using online video chat Cookalong TV & Vodafone

Cookalong TV is proudly set to partner with Vodafone and its VeryMe Rewards customer loyalty programme, to provide exclusive Cookalongs for Vodafone customers, while also boosting the initiative’s popularity across the VeryMe app and building awareness of the charitable causes involved. 

The Cookalong TV team will select one lucky winner (Vodafone customer), who will be able to choose five friends to join him/her to cook and dine with a famous celebrity. Celebrities taking part include Gabby Logan, David Gandy, up-and-coming chef Chris Baber, and many more. Vodafone will also be donating to the participating celebrities’ chosen charities.

Rick Kumar, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Cookalong TV, comments, “Partnering with Vodafone is such an exciting move for Cookalong TV, and we are really happy to secure them as our first commercial partner. We have seen Cookalong TV connect people and create hugely positive experiences for all involved through cooking and technology, and partnering with Vodafone reinforces this.”

Supporting Good Causes

Giancarlo Caldesi Cookalong TV & Vodafone

Since launching on 20th June, Cookalong TV and its Celebrity Cookalong series have taken the UK by storm, raising much-needed funds for numerous charities struggling as a result of pandemic restrictions.

“We are hugely grateful to the Celebrity Cookalong team for their imaginative idea and generosity in supporting charities. Unfortunately, like other charities, our fundraising has suffered, and we stand to lose up to half our income, just when the vulnerable people we support need us most. That’s why initiatives like this are so important, and we hope lots of people will be inspired to take part in a fun activity that has such a worthwhile aim,” says Alex Hyde-Smith, Director of Fundraising, Alzheimer’s Society.

Celebrities such as Alex Jones, Giancarlo Caldesi, Becky Adlington, Peter Reid, Sir Ian Botham, Laura Hamilton, Ronni Ancona, Sally Phillips, Janette Manrara, Scott McGlynn, Francine Lewis, Tom Wolfe, Yan Skates, Briony May, and Chemmy Alcott have already successfully hosted their own Cookalongs, raising money for charities such as Action for Children, Beefy’s Charity Foundation, The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), Pink Ribbon Foundation, KidsOut, Great Ormond Street Hospital, LGBT Foundation, Encephalitis Society, Right to Play UK, and Celia Hammond Animal Trust. 

The Evolution of Cookalong TV

Cookalong branded box Cookalong TV & Vodafone

Plans are already in place to expand the focus of Cookalong TV and transform the platform into an online space for managing remote cooking experiences of all kinds, including branded cooking events and social networking experiences. Firstly, though, the Cookalong TV concept is being developed as a team-building platform for remote teams. 

With many teams still working remotely, maintaining company culture is tricky. Remote cooking experiences are fun and affordable ways to bring teams together without needing to leave their homes. Cookalong TV is building a network of chefs and restaurants who will host events – Cookalong Experiences – catering to a wide range of budgets, tastes and skill levels. In addition to motivating remote teams, Cookalong Experiences provide a new revenue stream for an industry that has been hit hard by lockdown. 

Speaking about the evolution of Cookalong TV, Christopher Mair says, “The idea of evolving Cookalong TV into a commercial platform, offering remote cooking experiences hosted by restaurants or chefs, makes total sense. It creates a new stream of revenue for restaurants and chefs who have been so negatively affected by lockdown. Moreover, it offers consumers a new type of cooking experience, bringing them closer to the food preparation process.”

To find out more about the Cookalong TV and Vodafone VeryMe Rewards collaboration, or to enquire about media opportunities, get in touch  HERE.