No Average Telecoms Campaign

With classic blooper clips and hilarious behind the scenes footage, this is no average telecoms brand campaign. Dom Joly amuses audiences as he participates in a Zoom call with his colleagues and like so many of us, experiences technical issues. He is typically frustrated and exasperated with these all-too-common complications, and is ready to get back to business. There is just one problem…he forgets his trousers! A truly relatable scenario, no doubt lived out by professionals across the country as the nation endured numerous lockdowns. We follow Joly’s journey as he so confidently walks down his street and then finally onto a busy high-street, complete with bewildered members of the public! This first chapter of Joly’s journey is sure to generate some laughs across the UK. 

The Katch team insisted on putting forward the vibrant Dom Joly to take part in creating this high spirited and relatable brand campaign, to not only help highlight XLNs empathy with the British public and the issues they have experienced across the pandemic, but also as a delightful brand refresh as the company reaches its 20th anniversary.

Dom Joly… Because Obviously

Dom Joly, previously known for his bold and hilarious British comedy sketch ‘Trigger Happy TV’ is now the face of XLN, the UK’s leading telecoms provider and a pioneer of small businesses across the country. XLN started as a small business themselves, which makes them passionate about offering fair prices and support to up and coming companies.

Showing Empathy In Uncertain Times

The COVID-19 pandemic was difficult on small businesses across the UK and many business owners found it increasingly difficult to pay bills with the total collapse of numerous industries. XLN also wanted to create a playful marketing campaign to share their empathy with struggling individuals across the nation, and from this, came the uplifting idea to partner with Dom Joly.

Giving Small Businesses The Service They Deserve

XLN started as a solution for small businesses who were not being offered the value for money that they deserved on essential utilities, and it became their mission to change that. One of their focal goals is also to provide these small businesses with world class service, to ensure they do not experience issues which may hinder their success. What is unique about XLN as a company is that they offer their support to small businesses only, unlike utility giants which have a huge focus on the mass consumer market and big chains, they focus solely on independent companies. Dissimilarly to their rivals, they understand what is essential to small businesses and making a small business work, which is why they are passionate about catering to them. Their low-price guarantees are also core to their ethos, and they promise to action these amazing prices every day.

Back To Business With XLN

Dom Joly’s partnership with XLN has been creatively launched through this comical brand campaign, while telling the XLN story. Both, the Katch and XLN teams believed Dom Joly the perfect character to epitomise the frustration people across the UK have experienced across the last couple of years, whilst making everyone chuckle at the same time. The idea was to inject some humour and launch a ‘back to business package’ for new customers. The storyline will develop and bring different products into the plot. Cloud Voice, for example, an innovation in tech allowing businesses to work remotely and take their business literally anywhere and receive or take business calls at any time. However, the one small problem they continued to face was, “who were XLN?” The telecoms company were still massively lacking brand awareness, and so this campaign is sought to bring XLN the desired brand recognition and resonance.

Katch Our Final Thoughts

At Katch we recognise the significance of such projects, particularly for businesses in the wake of a pandemic. XLN’s services are made to ease the issues facing small businesses and this campaign portrays the solutions which they offer. Katch has worked with both XLN and Dom Joly to design a well-balanced brand campaign to promote the services offered by XLN in a playful and interesting way, in order to offer the British public some much needed laughs, whilst aiding emerging businesses across the nation!

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