Building brands and marketing restaurants, dark kitchens and takeaway brands requires a special combination of skills, knowledge and experience. That’s why our team of hospitality consultants here at Katch HQ work hard to seamlessly blend strategy, innovation and creativity when providing our clients with the very best hospitality consultancy services in London.

From concept creation, menu development  and brand positioning/repositioning, to design and branding, delivery partnerships, audience targeting, and more – at Katch, we specialise in delivering an extensive range of brand-building, marketing and communications services for a wide variety of F&B businesses, including restaurants, hotels, bars, cafés, dark kitchens, takeaways, nightclubs, and gastropubs.    

Find out how we can help your F&B brand make the right kind of impact:

Creative and Impactful Messaging and Communications

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The agility to react to new marketing technology, changing communication trends, and modern consumer needs is key when it comes to amplifying your brand. That’s why Katch always stays on top of the latest trends to enhance our creativity in crafting impactful and meaningful messaging that stands out in a cluttered marketplace.

With 15 years’ extensive experience of developing, launching and promoting the full gamut of restaurant, hospitality, entertainment, and retail brands around the world, we are perfectly placed to both build and boost a business’ profile. Our in-depth knowledge of how F&B and hospitality brands operate, as well as our expertise in creating powerful consumer journeys, executing experience-driven campaigns, and maximising budgets ensure we reach the right audience time and time again.

Hospitality Consultancy and Brand Development in London

We fully understand the importance of implementing the most effective brand and marketing strategy to launch or expand your business. Through our meticulous, step-by-step brand development process, we make sure that your brand story is not only clear, engaging and tailored to the right demographics, but that it is also communicated effectively across all relevant channels.

Through thorough discovery sessions, we gain a detailed understanding of the essence of your concept. We then transform this into a powerful brand identity and strategy that effectively represents and showcases your vision, service, purpose, and promise in the market.  In addition to carefully analysing current data, including insights from your website and social media channels, we examine customer feedback and behaviour patterns. This helps us to identify appropriate target audiences and research your competitor landscape to determine opportunities in the market and help you stand out.

Building and Boosting F&B Brands That Last

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Katch provides bespoke services to businesses of all shapes, sizes and specialities, across the hospitality industry. Whether you’re a new investor who needs to create a brand from scratch, an entrepreneur who wants to pivot food and beverage concepts, an independent owner who is looking to establish their brand online, or a veteran operator seeking new customers in new markets – we excel at adapting our approach to cater to each individual client’s requirements.

To maintain consistency and quality throughout the customer journey, it is vital that communications and operations are closely aligned. Our proven process and ever-evolving approach enable us to create strong, engaging content, easy-to-understand menu and product offerings, and enough yearly hooks to successfully push your brand out to the market.

Bridging the Gap Between Traditional and Digital

From online to physical and in-app to in-person, our knowledge of customer expectations, combined with our ability to craft memorable experiences at every touchpoint, continues to secure repeated success for our clients. When starting out with a client, we take the time to outline a full digital and traditional media plan. This involves providing a strategic overview, which can include proposed content, audience targeting, Google Business and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies, in-venue marketing, social media development and management, photography, videography, and graphic design.

We also present opportunities to align these services with partner and influencer management, as well as traditional PR and communications, to establish real authority in the market. Moreover, as with everything we do, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to executing our clients’ objectives with creative flair across all traditional and digital platforms. In doing so, we build and grow your brand’s voice and, in turn, bring your sales results to new levels.

Looking for expert advice and hospitality consultancy services in London to take your restaurant or F&B brand to the next level? Get in touch!

Alternatively, our team in Dubai will be happy to help with any international enquiries.