By Matt Lamy

Are you struggling to make sense of social media optimisation? Frustrated with your brand’s lack of new followers and disappointed by your engagement rates? In the increasingly saturated hospitality and F&B markets, you need to capture your audience’s attention the second they arrive on your page, and keep them there!

First impressions of your profile count! When it comes to social media, every detail counts. Ask yourself, is the colour palette appropriate for your brand? Is the overall grid interesting and inviting? Does your content encourage your audience to engage and read more? If you’re experiencing a high bounce rate (users leaving your page without following or engaging), you are missing out on followers and, in turn, customers.

Our experienced team of hospitality consultants will ensure that your brand stays ahead of the trends and secures exponential growth for your page. Read ahead to learn how Katch can help your F&B brand leave a lasting impression.

Social Media Profile Optimisation

Hand holding a smart phone with Instagram profile open on screen (Social Media Optimisation)

For an F&B business, transparency is key. People tend to head to a brand’s social pages to investigate before even considering purchasing products. Therefore, it is essential to have up-to-date details within the bio section outlining your brand’s concept, operating hours, locations, and a website link. This is your chance to sell your F&B brand and get visitors to your profile interested, so make it short, sweet and to the point. Include achievements, give them a bit of personality and if you’ve got a mission, include it in the bio.

Another very important reason to have a great bio is the impact it has on search results. Having an optimised bio will gain more traffic and attract potential followers. Moreover, having a link to your website or order page in your bio will establish authenticity and build trust. Since there are tight character limits for bio sections, a link to your website can be an effective way of getting users to click through and find out more. On Instagram, it is not possible to have active links within your posts. So, if you are mentioning a new product within the post, for example, and you want to be able to direct people to order it, you can guide your users to the bio, and update the link to support the post. LinkTree is a great tool for adding multiple links to your social media bio sections.

Get To Know Your Audience

Hand holding a sharpie and circling seven silhouettes of people drawn on glass (Social Media Optimisation)

You shouldn’t post content without first knowing who you want to see it. People usually have an idea of who their target audiences are. However, without reading into the analytics to see who is actually viewing your content, you could be wasting hundreds, if not thousands of pounds on ads that aren’t performing. Therefore, it is crucial to run test campaigns in order to see who is viewing your ad. This enables you to go back and adjust the demographics or location if necessary, and adapt your ad for better performance. You might need to change the asset, or may find that altering the copy yields better results. As long as you learn from your statistics, you should be able to improve the results from your ads. This, in turn, will lead to more conversions.

Get Creative!

Woman holding a camera and taking a picture of cupcakes on a round table (Social Media Optimisation)

The standard of content on social media is getting better and better. It is important that you keep up and use content that “wows” your audience. With so many different tools out there, such as drones, gimbles, camera lenses and filters, it isn’t enough anymore to only use mobile-phone content or photo-bank services like Shutterstock. Standards are always increasing, so utilise imagery from professional photoshoots and think about creative ways to make your content come alive.

As an F&B brand, you need to consider how appetising the content is. Close-up “food-porn” imagery of burgers that ooze with melted cheese, for example, is bound to make tummies grumble and encourage engagement. Use long and short-form videos as well as carousel posts to add variety to your posts. Also, take advantage of all the different features available within each platform. Pick a filter for your brand to give a consistent look and feel to your posts; it will make it easier for your followers to recognise your content, and your overall Instagram grid will come across neat, inviting and creative.

Searching for the best approach to social media optimisation for your F&B or hospitality brand? Get in touch with our social media management teams in London or Dubai, and let’s get you started.