With most of the real world on lockdown, the online world is spinning faster than ever, which means there’s plenty of exciting social media news coming in thick and fast.

Below, we Katch up on the latest social media news that’s been generating a lot of buzz online:


Social media: cardboard Facebook like symbol

More and more people are looking to social media groups for guidance and advice about COVID-19. As a result, Facebook is rolling out new tools to ensure groups provide accurate and up-to-date information about the pandemic.

Firstly, the social media giant is launching an educational pop-up feature for COVID-19-related groups. The feature will connect users to the latest reliable updates, regarding the ongoing situation, from health organisations. Facebook will also remind group admins to share Facebook Live broadcasts from WHO, CDC and relevant state health authorities.

Additionally, the world’s leading social network has announced a collaboration with the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. The partnership will see both organisations working together to build a curriculum in the Facebook ‘Social Learning Units’ tool. Soon, users will be offered safety advice to help reduce the spread of the virus.   


Social Media: Pinterest logo on phone screen

After recently unveiling its Verified Merchants programme, Pinterest has announced the launch of additional new e-commerce features. Now, Pinners will find it easier to shop for products from start-up suppliers, popular retailers and lots more in between.

  • Boards: When browsing through their home décor or fashion boards, Pinners will be able to easily access a ‘Shop’ tab featuring items from or related to their saved pins.
  • Search: Pinners will have access to a ‘Shop’ tab when using Pinterest’s search tool, along with price and brand filters to personalise the experience further.
  • Pins: Pinterest has also made improvements to its visual search feature. Pinners can choose the ‘Shop similar’ option when looking at a Pin, to shop for similar home décor or fashion products.


Social Media: Melon with sunglasses

Snapchat has launched a brand-new augmented reality donation feature to increase awareness of COVID-19 relief initiatives. Using the Snapchat camera, Snapchatters can scan a banknote with the ‘Lenses’ tool to bring up a customised WHO visual. The visual then encourages people to donate to the organisations ongoing COVID-19 response efforts.    

In a statement, Snapchat explained, “Through the Snapchat camera, Snapchatters can scan 23 international currency notes across 33 countries, bringing up an AR visualization of how donations support the World Health Organization’s immediate response efforts to track the spread of COVID-19, ensure patients get the care they need, and provide frontline workers with critical supplies. Snapchatters can then easily donate, and encourage friends to do the same by sending Snaps of the experience.”


Social Media: YouTube logo on phone screen

YouTube is set to cut down on content related to 5G – COVID-19 conspiracy theories. This move comes following the circulation of conspiracy theories online, which link the spread of the virus to 5G technology. Correspondingly, The Guardian has reported on a series of attacks on mobile phone masts in the UK, along with claims of mobile network employees being abused by some members of the public.   

With this in mind, the online video sharing platform will continue to closely monitor content uploaded to the site and take down any videos found to be in violation of the YouTube Terms of Service. YouTube is also reducing its recommendations for videos containing anything that is deemed “borderline content.”   

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