Top public relations agencies know how to target and reach the right audiences by blending next-level communications with effective distribution channels and engaging brand promotion. That’s the level of knowhow you should always expect from your PR agency, and it’s exactly why Katch is known as one of the top PR agencies in London and throughout the UK. While London is home to many agencies – there’s only one Katch!

At Katch, we are a family who believes in personal, creative and strong communications as invaluable tools to amplify your brand. Thanks to our proven track-record of creating game-changing PR campaigns, along with providing the very best public relations services, Katch is considered a leading public relations agency in London, with a team of dedicated experts who constantly strive to make sure each and every client achieves its goals. Our award-winning team has many years of experience in delivering amazing results for our clientele.

But what makes us different from our rivals? It’s the outside-the-box approach and unyielding creativity that we use to shape brand communications into engaging, standout conversations. Every member of the Katch team believes in crafting game-changing communications by capitalising on the latest trends to ensure your brand blazes an industry trail and gets the worthwhile engagement it deserves.

We have unleashed successful campaigns across the globe, from the USA to the Middle East, while always sticking to our simple but impactful ethos: ‘We Create. We Communicate.’ Our team understands that modern PR is not about rushing out a press release and hoping for the best. It’s about breaking the mould of the usual PR services offered in London, and moving beyond the traditional, to craft personalised PR campaigns that appeal to both the masses and niches.

We embrace engagement! By telling your story the right way, with engaging content that builds brand loyalty across appropriate channels, we make sure your voice sticks out from the crowd. With our 360º methodology and comprehensive understanding of all things digital, our competencies are much more than the traditional PR services of London. The Katch PR approach is about making sure our clients get maximum quality coverage and engagement with noticeable outcomes. We fill the gaps left by outdated PR methodology by utilising the perfect blend of experience, expertise and technology, to identify any problems with a brand’s communications. Then, we implement tailormade solutions for a diverse range of purposes, such as brand awareness, audience engagement, product leadership, and much more. Our team believes in the power of communications, which enables us to achieve the very best business outcomes and tangible results for brands of all kinds.

Size doesn’t matter; passion does! Our tightknit public relations agency here in London has a PR team that focuses on nurturing meaningful relationships with media, journalists, celebrities, influencers, government entities, and many more stakeholders who can add true value to your brand – Katch style.

Contact us now and find out how to take your communications to the next level.


  • Public relations strategy and implementation
  • Press release generation and content creation
  • Interview development and management
  • Seeding feature articles and column development
  • Press briefing development and organisation
  • Campaign creation and execution
  • Media monitoring and analysis
  • Internal communication and incentive plans
  • Copywriting
  • Media and crisis management training
  • CSR Programme Development
  • Arabising content and copy
  • Reporting and strategic analysis


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